About us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of punch and stamping machines in Europe and in the world. 

The company Lafranconi was founded in 1997 by Mr Gian Maria Lafranconi (left in the picture). 

In 2012 his son, Mr Alessandro Lafranconi (right in the picture) took over the company in the second generation.

In 2014 the relocation to the new office and production halls took place. Our production site is in Mandello del Lario, right at Lake Como.

Not only do we manufacture machines, but we also produce presses and spare parts all around punch and stamping machines.

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10 million EUR per year


about 50 employees

Plant size

3.000 square meters




Handelsvertretung Wanner GmbH

Säulingstraße 1 1/2

87629 Füssen


Lafranconi Technologies S.r.l.

Via Rogola, 14
23826 Mandello del Lario